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Pet Companionship - the Best Way to overcome Mental Health  Issues

Mental maladies can make people unsocial, unresponsive and incapable of living in a standard society. Pet ownership can offer great relief to the persons suffering from  severe mental issues. The simple act of stroking your pup can reduce any amount of emotional burden and make you feel happy and contented.

Pet Theft Awareness Day - Every Pet Owner Should Know About

Dedicated to February 14th, the Dog Theft Awareness Day brings awareness to pet theft and highlights ways to prevent theft of your beloved pet. It is an event focuses on the measures you can take to prevent your pet being stolen or becoming a target.

Familiarize Yourself With the Dog Leash Cleaning Techniques

Keeping your dog under control is the primary purpose of any dog leash. It is designed to keep your furry friend safe, secure and well-behaved. Dog leashes prevent both over-friendly canines and dogs with strong prey drives from chasing and scaring other animals and children or people with dog phobias. From online dog leash supply stores in the USA, you can get leashes in a variety of styles ideal for...

Most dogs enter their senior years at around seven years of age in average. The medium-sized dogs become seniors at ten years and tiny toy breeds aren’t senior until they turn thirteen. With the old age general slowing down is inevitable. The mature years also bring in a change in their behavior and affect the bonding with you and other members or pets in your home. Their social relationship takes...

A trained guide dog can make a world of difference in the lives of the visually impaired persons. After going through a scientifically developed dog training session, they gain the capability to properly and safely guide a blind person getting about independently.