3 Most Useful Dog Care Mobile Apps for Every Pet Owners – Apex Pet Gear


Technology has supremely changed our life and there is always a technological tool at hand for your assistance. From booking hotels to bringing medicine at home different types of mobile apps have become an integral part of our existence, naturally there are apps that make a dog owner's life easier or at least more amusing. Whether you want to find the best dog grooming shop near you or book an appointment with a vet, there are so many useful apps that can remarkably help you to take special care of your puppy. Today we are going to discuss about some of the finest mobile apps exclusively built for pet parents.

Dog Walk-

Available on both Android and iOS platform, Dog Walk is a free app that tracks the distance your dog walked. By using the GPS technology, this app gives a complete detail about the distance your dog covered with route, share option with friends and family or use them to record activities, and display it on a map with precise time. The app also enables you to capture your dog’s best moment while enjoying the outdoors and share the images on your social media page. As the exercise becomes really important for dogs to keep healthy and athletic, Dog Walk will definitely prove to be the must-have app on your smartphone.


It is quite natural that every dog owners have some sort of queries regarding the health of their pet. PetCoach is an app where you get the answers of your questions from the professional dog trainers, veterinarians and animal experts. Along with the options of asking personal suggestions, you could also see the questions and answers of the other dog owners. PetCoach’s roster of verified veterinarians and experts are on hand to hear your concerns. The app is freely available on Android and iOS.


DogVacay is an amazing app that lets dog owners easily find dog sitters and dog training houses. With DogVacay, your pet stays in a sitter’s home or yours, whether you’re traveling or just out for the day. This iOS and Android based app helps you to search, read reviews, and book reservations right on your phone. Sitters can use the app to provide photo updates and notifications to their clients. It is truly a fantastic app for all the dog owners out there and makers of the app are currently working on to introduce the facility of locating the best dog grooming shops situated nearby. It would be a marvelous addition to this app.

Your puppy is your best buddy and you want to make sure he's getting the best care. Using these apps will greatly aid you to take special care of your four-legged friend. All the apps suggested here are absolutely free, so you don’t need to pay a single penny for caring your dog.