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The most important part of dog grooming is the proper and regular trimming of their nails. In the wild, dog would naturally wear down his nails by traveling and hunting over different terrain. That’s not the case with domesticated dogs. Nails can get so overgrown that they can even spread your dogs’ toes apart making the easy task of walking a struggle. Dogs don’t walk correctly when the nails are too long and this strains the leg muscles and torques the spine.

Why is it dangerous if you don’t trim your dog’s nail?

Trimming isn’t all about looks. It’s a very necessary routine that can directly affect the overall health of your pet. Neglecting your pet’s nails can have some unexpected serious consequences for your dog. The dog injuries that result from untrimmed nails range from torn nails to arthritis. A dog’s nails curve as they grow out. If they’re not trimmed, they’ll eventually curl under the foot where they can dig into sensitive paw pads and cause pain. Apart from this, dogs with bigger and sharp nail could cause serious damage to you or your kids unknowingly. Pet grooming experts suggest all the dog owners to have a nail clipper at home. If your dog’s nails get too long, they become brittle and eventually break, leading to pain and infection. A dog nail clipper could prove highly useful to reduce this problem.

How to identify if the nails are too long?

When you hear your pet’s nails “clicking” on the floor when it is walking, they are probably too long. Hold your dog’s foot and press the toe so that the nail extends fully. Dog grooming experts suggest, if the nail curves beyond the bottom of the toe pad, then it is time for a nail trim.

What kind of trimming tools can you use?

There are a variety of tools available to help you trim your dog’s nails. Many different types of nail trimmers available on the online pet stores.

I. For relatively large size dogs it is advised to buy nail clipper especially designed for the big dogs. Keep in mind that giant breed dogs will need large ones.

II. Small Dremels provide another option for trimming and maintaining your dog’s nails and offer better control.

Buy good quality trimmers that are sharp and designed for the correct size dog. Keep your tools sharp, either replace or sharpen your clippers regularly. Blunt or poor quality trimmers will split the nail.

Dog house pet grooming - Clipping Dog Nails

What should be your nail trimming process for your dog?

• Prepare your dog first- The first step is to get some treat and make him feel relax. Try to acclimatize him with the process slowly.

• Select a suitable position for you and your dog- Choose a position that is visibly comfortable for your dog. Best practices suggest you, on the floor with your furry friend, is the ideal arrangement. Sitting in a chair and having them hold up paws isn’t as successful. Sitting alongside allows you to be closer and be reassuring. Large dogs typically do best lying on their side while small dogs may feel more comfortable snuggled in your lap.

• Start by cutting small portion- It is better to trim a small amount on a regular basis than to try and remove large portions. To get a shorter cut than the previous method, aim to cut at a 45° angle, after visualizing the quick. Keep clipper blades almost parallel to the nail – never cut across the finger. When your dog tolerates having his feet held, clip just one nail, and if he is good, praise him and give him a tiny treat. Wait, and then at another time, do another nail.

What if you make the nails bleed?

There is a portion called “Quick” inside the finger of a dog. It is a bundle of nerves and blood vessels in the nail. If you accidentally cut the quick, by trimming the nail too short, it may cause bleeding. Don’t need to worry much it is quite natural. If a nail bleeds, apply styptic powder. This will sting, so be ready to comfort him with a treat.

Dog Nail Clipping

It would be really good if you make your dog accustomed to a nail trimming process at the early age. It will take the fear out of their mind. In case you are dealing with an adult dog or a dog that is reluctant to get its nail trimmed it is better to take him to the veterinarian or dog house pet grooming professionals.