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The adage goes something like, the only thing that is constant is change, right?

To Do Lists

We have all forgotten things before. We use to do lists and we still sometimes make a mistake of forgetting. Watering a plant, unplugging an iron, and turning off a light, the list goes on, and on because life just gets busy and sometimes when life gets busy, communication becomes an after thought, or the list of things we need to do doesn’t seem to guide us all that well.

You can have the best intentions and the best roadmap of your plans made, and then, something happens, and your plans go out the window.

Rock Legends

This brings to mind a quote by the late singer and songwriter, John Lennon. On his final project, Lennon penned a song called “Beautiful Boy” for his little son and in that song the line “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." instantly became a universal truth. Of course, Lennon was not the first person to use the saying or something similar, but for the generations, since 1980 that is who they will quote.

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So what does all this talk rock music have to do with feeding your pet?

The standard pet bowl for generations has been the tried and true old stand by, stainless steel set, right?  The ones with the wide bottom that may even have a rubber lip on it, so it doesn’t scoot across your floor. What’s not to love about those bowls? They’re durable, easy to maintain and keep clean. The stainless steel bowls are classics and will always have their place, but now there is a new bowl in town.

Smart Automatic Pet Feeders

The latest pet food bowls are utilizing cutting edge technology. You can now feed your pet on command, on a schedule and with only touching the pet food when it is time to refill the automatic pet feeder container. Intelligent automatic pet feeders are a great benefit for busy schedules and those who experience chaos in the mornings. They will help you never forget to feed your pet.

On the days that you end up with the super late night and long day, you can talk to your pet. You can use your mobile device and check in and let your pet hear your voice. Your voice is reassuring to pet, and the act of doing so is comforting to you.

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That’s not all. These super smart automatic pet feeders even have cameras. You can see what your pet is doing in real time. Viewing your pet is a fun way for you to be able to check in with your pet to be confident he is staying out of mischief. It is also excellent for pet parents of aging pets or pets with health problems so you can make sure your pet doesn’t need medical attention. Viewing your pet can help you know if you need to call a family member or friend to go over and help your pet out or if your pet can tolerate a few more hours of you being away.

With the smart automatic pet feeders, you set a timer with the frequency and portion size your pet needs to be fed. The timer and portion control can help you manage your pets’ weight or even medical condition better.

Everyone wants to take proper care of their pets. It is easy to overfeed or underfeed as most of the time we are guessing, using a scoop, or some type of cup. We are not typically not strictly using a measuring cup. The automatic pet feeder will help you feed the correctly measured portion your pet needs every time. It will feed on a set schedule to so you never duplicate because you had a scattered morning and can’t remember if you fed the pet or not. Combine with the automatic water dispenser and your home will be set up to always know you are properly feeding and watering your pet.

As you begin researching and shopping for the smart automatic pet feeder for your home, there are many different features available. Please review features carefully on the different choices available to find the perfect one to meet your pets need.

Favorite features include:


Portion Control

Battery Back Up

HD Audio-Visual for Communication

     *Watch your pet, make sure your pet is okay

     *Some cameras have memory cards and record in the dark using infrared light

     *Send voice messages so you can be reassuring to your pet while you are away

Quick interaction with your pet

Large Capacity

Mobile App for automatic or manual feeding

Anchors for secure positioning

Pet proof locking lid

Detachable food bin for cleaning

Control with your smart phone

Intelligent Feeder for pets

The return on investment for adding an automatic pet bowl feeder and automatic water dispenser to your home is the peace of mind it provides. By adding both of these intelligent items, you will have confidence that your pet is never hungry or thirsty.