Few DIY Methods to Help Teach Behavioral Control to your Dog – Apex Pet Gear


Dog trainers and behavior consultants viewed that having a complete control over your dog is highly important. Teaching your canine self-control can be highly effective in many situations. Apart from getting into health related troubles, behavioral training help your dog to remain patient, well-behaved and diligent. He can easily identify the barriers you want him to maintain and the kind of behavior you are expecting from him.

It is not necessary that you have to take your puppy to an expert trainer all the time for giving him etiquette training. There are so many DIY methods you can follow for giving your dog behavioral training at home. Discussed below are several simple training techniques to help teach behavioral control to your pet.

Use dog training collars-

Pets collars are extremely safe and useful tools. You can properly deal with your pets behavior problem, make your dog learn basic obedience and correctly train your dog to carry out your command. Training collars can be used to carry pet ID tags, as canine fashion accessories, or even as trusted learning tools. Pet collars and puppy leashes are not intended as a punishment tools, but more as a deterrent to train negative or unsafe behavior.

  • Rolled or flat collars
  • Martingales
  • Choke chains
  • Pinch collars
  • Front-attaching harnesses: Easy Walk Harness, Walk-in-Sync Harness, Freedom Harness.
  • Head halters: Gentle Leader, Snootloop

Spend quality time with your dog-

Owning a dog is a major responsibility as you have to give him ample amount of time. Basically, dogs are social creatures and enjoy spending their time in the company of others. Confining them in a room completely alone can be catastrophic as they will indulge in different kinds of negative activities chewing on household items, barking uncontrollably or becoming too much aggressive. So it is paramount for every dog owners to spend quality time with him. If you are packed with busy work-schedule it may become impossible for you to give time to your dog. The best way to handle this situation is to set up a regular training session, exercise time, jogging with him wearing pet collars on, have meals together and try every possible thing you could do to build a better bonding with your barker whatever time you get. No matter how busy schedule you have, quality one-on-one time with your canine is super important, both for your pup and for you.

Take special care of their food-

Another major factor we often skip regarding the well-being of our dog is the food they are taking. Not having a proper food-plan for your dog could lead to excessive weight gain or loss, and at risk for the development of diseases and conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. You can improve the health of your pet by keeping a balanced diet for him. Remember that proper diet and nutrition can go a long way to keep your pet stay active, strong and healthy and it is a proven fact that a healthy body brings out the best behavior.

It is often the day to day interactions you have with your pet, that have the maximum impact on their behavior. Control the environment in which you are keeping your dog and he will behave in the most decent way.