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There are times when it becomes necessary for us to leave our pet to someone else’s care. Business trips, long vacation, medical emergency or for family reasons- we need to go out of station, and sometimes leaving your four-legged companion to a neighbor’s home or a family member's house is not possible. It is really a challenging situation for both you and your dog. 

Leaving a dog to others care is a nervy moment for those who treat their pet as a cherished member of their family. By picking up the right boarding house, you could ease your stress a lot and enjoy your trip in a delightful way as you can have the assurance that your dog is in safe hands. But selecting a dog house is not that easy as it seems, wrong selection of the pet house could leave your dog traumatized and have adverse effect on its health.

While there are many factors to consider before choosing a pet care facility for your canine, we have highlighted the most significant ones:

Search online- The best place for searching a reputed pet care shelter is online. It is not a new thing, but we are telling you how you can make your search even more effective and what should be your technique for that. 

  • Stay away from using adjectives such as “Best” “Cheap” or “Reputed” while searching pet care facility, e.g. Best dog boarding home, Reputed pet care shelter, Cheap dog house. Instead, make your search general like- dog house center, boarding for dogs, pet care facility or so on. 
  • It is a good idea to use canine, puppy or breed of the dog like Labrador, German Shepherd while searching. Search in this way- Canine boarding facility, boarding for Labrador or German Shepherd, dog kennels for puppies. Remember a good shelter house covers all types of breeds and other animal such as cats in their service. 
  • You could also go for location based search like- dog boarding facility in Michigan, pet house in San Jose or Florida dog kennels for puppies. 


Check the services available-


Get an idea of the kind of services they offer by going through the website of the boarding house. A good pet care facility will have professionally designed website with detailed information about their services, authentic testimonials and charges. Go to their social media page and read the reviews of the clients they have served previously and you could also contact them for getting the information about the treatment they got with the pet care center.

Make use of your acquaintance-

Nowadays almost every one of us has a pet dog or cat in our house. You could ask your friends, family members or even you can talk to your colleagues for suggesting a dog care facility. It is a very good approach as the chances of getting genuine views are higher. You could also consult with your pet's veterinarian. As they spend most of the time with other pet owners, they could offer you valuable suggestion. You can also ask other dog owners there if they have any recommendations. The bottom line is make full use of your acquaintance when it comes to search a dependable dog house.  

Go for an inspection and check all the facilities-

What could be better than visiting puppy kennel by yourself and closely checking all the amenities. Physical inspections are the best way to prevent sending your pup to a shabby and utterly unhealthy pet house. Within a few a seconds of entering the complex, you could easily get the sense if the ambience is suitable or not for your puppy.

Here is a dog kennel facility checklist:

  • You don’t want your dog getting sick while you’re away, check if a veterinarian is on call for emergency. Major dog houses have an in-house veterinarian team or they have on call veterinarian service for dealing with untoward issues. All their staff should be certified in pet first aid and CPR. 
  • Pay special attention that the dog kennel is large, odor-free and cleaned. The dog boarding home should be disinfected daily and should have correct ventilation in order to promote fresh airflow. In an unhygienic puppy kennel there is a chance that your dog may get infected by a serious disease. That’s why you should give top-priority to a well-kept and spic and span pet care facility. 
  • Look if the kennel space is adequately sized for your dog. The boarding house should treat all the pets with advanced dog grooming products such as chew dog toys and cozy pet bed.

  • Your puppy should not be left unattended at any time in the dog house. For puppies that require special treatment or serious medical conditions, being left unsupervised could prove really serious. Be very sure the dog kennel is staffed 24 hours a day.

Selecting a dog boarding house is not a rocket science, dog owners simply need to do their homework properly. The trick is don’t make any hasty decision and do not follow anyone’s recommendations blindly. To be successful, try to be skeptical with your dog house selection.