How Dog Toys could Prove Helpful During Winter – Apex Pet Gear


Dogs love to involve in the high-flying outdoor activities such as playing, running, jumping etc. These activities also help them to remain fit not only physically but also mentally. But as the winter approaching fast, it makes it really impossible for most of the dog owners to take their canine outside the home and getting involved in the physical activities. Keeping your beloved pet stuck inside the house during the cold season is not an option. So, what is the best possible solution to keep your dog entertained without taking him to the biting cold outside? The answer is simple, make a good use of the advanced dog toys to keep your pet occupied inside the house throughout the winter months.

Selection of the dog toy is crucial-

Most of the pet owners think buying a dog toy is a simple process. They just go to the nearest pet shop or browse dog toys online and purchase the most popular one. But it is completely wrong approach as the toy for the dog should be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The breed and size of the dog
  • Age of the dog
  • Activity level
  • Playing habit and style

According to the professional dog trainers for aggressive dogs, “ Dog toys should be chosen on the basis of your dog’s temperament not merely the cuteness and popularity of them and they should have some health benefits.” It is a good idea to consult with a veterinarian or an expert trainer before making any buying decision.

Must-have features of a good pet toy-

The online dog toy market is loaded with numerous types of toys. It becomes really confusing to select the perfect and useful toy for your puppy. Here we have described the features you should look in a pet toy:

The material of the toy:

Pay attention to the material used in making the toy. The pet toy made of low-quality material can create many health related problems in your dog. Indigestion, vomiting and loss of hunger are the few common problems with an inferior quality toy. Be sure the toy you are buying for your puppy is made of top-quality material that is perfectly safe for your four-legged friend.

Light weight:

The pet toy should not be too heavy otherwise it may damage a valuable item in your home. It should be light-weight and easy to pick and throw. Take a good look that no sharp or slim metal like iron, steel or hard-wood are used in it and the toy is extremely durable.

A fun toy for both you and your dog:

There is a misconception that the toy should be enjoyable to the dog alone. The actuality is the pet toy should offer fun to your dog as well as to you, because it is you who is going to use it to make your dog play. If the toy fails to get your attention then it will automatically lose its effectiveness.

Why pet toys are beneficial for your barker-

(1) When your puppy is growing his teeth, he needs something to chew on. A chew dog toy could prove really handy for this purpose as it helps to keep his teeth nice and clean.

(2) Providing chewable toys alleviates boredom as your dog can make himself occupied with it during winter. This also helps you to your household chores without getting worried about your pet.

(3) As it becomes impossible to go outside during winter, dog toys can fulfil the need of exercise inside the home.

(4) Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation for a dog and a pet toy offers that mental simulation. It helps your dog to become less-aggressive and more friendly.

Taking your pet to a dog park or outdoors where they can run and play is an important part of their exercise, in case inclement winter weather creates hindrance to it, you can rely on the effectiveness of the dog toys. Make sure the toy your buying for your pet is big enough to chew, and not too small to be swallowed. For some exciting information, you can browse our dog toy section.