Importance of physical activities for your pet dog – Apex Pet Gear


Your pet dogs are pretty much like kids. If you don’t divert their energy in doing something constructive, they can develop several bad habits such as hyperactivity, unruliness, destructive activities, barking and whining. Exercise and involving in different sorts of physical activities are as important for your dog as it is for you.

Don’t know how to plan an exercise schedule for your pet dog? Follow the rules.

Consult Your Veterinarian First- A veterinarian will be better able to assist you in combining of exercise, diet, and medications or therapies which are targeted for your pet's individual needs. A veterinarian can also help monitor your pet's progress and identify any serious changes in health.

Take Your Dog To Walk- If you are busy with a packed work-schedule where you hardly get a chance to get involved with time-consuming exercise sessions. Simply take your dog for a walking. Dog walking may be most effectively encouraged through targeting the dog-owner relationship and by providing dog-supportive physical environments. You can keep dog toys with you during your walk-session.

Fetch Races- Engage your dog in a good old-fashioned game of fetch and keep away. These games keep your dog engaged, active, and help to release pent up energy. Grab your dog's favorite toy and toss it at your local dog park or in your backyard. For owners who don't have access to a dog park or a backyard, this can be done in the hallway of your home with a soft dog toy.

Run Your Dog Up And Down The Stairs- Using the stairs is an excellent way to tire out your dog. Make use of the toys for dogs to make this game more exciting. The steps add an additional challenge to a dog’s workout, as they engage different muscles than those used on a regular walk or run and add an extra level of difficulty with the change in elevation.

Agility Training- Agility training is yet another great way to stay active and bond. Sign up for an indoor agility or swimming class. It is a mental workout as well as a physical one, as your dog learns how to negotiate the various tunnels, see-saws and hurdles of an intricate obstacle course. Plus, it’s a thrill to watch your dog literally jump through hoops for you and bringing chew dog toys with it.

The benefits of physical fitness for your dog-

• Exercise reverses obesity and decreases the risk for diabetes, bone disease, cancer, depression, dementia, chronic inflammation and more.

• Active dogs are less likely to exhibit bad behavior problems because they are regularly burning the energy that's usually the source of that type of behavior. That means less digging, chewing expensive shoes, scratching couches, jumping on your in-laws when they hit the door.

• Dogs that get regular workouts enjoy a higher metabolism, smaller appetite, better muscle tone, and even better temperature regulation – a very important benefit for dogs in hot or humid climates.

Lack of adequate exercise can lead to various health related issues. Dogs need exercise not only to remain fit physically, but there is a strong mental link to keeping them active as well.