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We love our pet dogs a lot and it is really important to do all the necessary things to make him happy, healthy and safe. Dog collars are one of the most valuable things that can bring utmost safety to it. An identification tag will prove to be a boon to find lost pets. It is the best protection you can take against losing your pet.

In many cases, it has been noted that many dogs never get the chance to reunite with their owners just because they are not wearing pets collar with ID tag. The entire experience could be really painful for the dog as well as for the owner. Even in some cases, people couldn’t manage to get their dogs because they failed to claim their ownership by not being able to prove any evidence.

In the circumstances of getting lost or missing, an ID tag could prove to be a ticket for him to get back to his owner. This is the primary reason why pet experts suggest to have a pets collar with ID tag. It is as important as other dog grooming products.

Why dog collars and tags are essential-

Dog collars are primarily used to maintain the security of the dog and ensure easy and hassle-free return of the dog in case it gets missing. Following are the things that are written on a tag-
  1. Dog’s license is displayed on the tag
  2. Name of the owner and name of the dog
  3. Phone number, address and other details of ownership
Along with it a dog collar ensures the dog remains under your control and can monitor its movement during a walk. Dog collars with a leash attached to it provide you the chance to prevent the dog from going out of control and picking up an accident or hurting others. Dog collars also prove valuable during training sessions for aggressive dogs and take a tab on its movement.

Different types of pet dog collars-

  • Buckle Collars
  • Flea Collars
  • Elizabethan Collars
  • Break-Away Collars
  • Stud Collars
  • Slip Collars
  • Harness Collars

What to look in a quality dog collar-

Materials: A dog collar must be effective, comfortable and safe to wear. Materials matter a lot when it comes to buy dog collar. Plastic, rubber, aluminum, brass and steel can be the material choice in this case. However, some dogs are allergic to certain materials like metal or rubber. Make sure the pets collar you are buying is made of non toxic materials and not allergic to your canine friend.

Engraving: Make sure all the information engraved in the collar remain intact. In most of the cases, rough treatment and lack of attention can erase all the furnished information. Rather than hand-graved or printed versions go for laser engraving that lasts really long.

Proper fit: Be very particular about the proper fit of the collar. The collar should be comfortably fit in such a way that two fingers can slip easily under his collar. If the collar is too large there is a chance that it may come off and if the collar is too tight, there is a chance it may hamper the free-movement of your dog and could chock its neck.

If you love your canine friend dearly then always opt for a suitable pets collar with a proper ID tag attached to it to fit your dog and keep him safe.

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