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Although 14th of Feb is more popular because of Valentine’s Day, when people celebrate love, it is also the Pet Theft Awareness Day all over the world. As we share a loving relationship with our pet, there is no surprise that Valentine’s Day celebrations coincide with National Pet Theft Awareness Day.

What is Pet Theft Awareness Day?

Pet stealing related incidents are getting higher and higher every year, an organization named Last Chance for Animals introduced the day in 1988 in order to spread awareness among the dog owners how they can protect their beloved pet from getting stolen. In 2000, the organization focused on pet theft, the fur trade, and pets used in circuses. It is noted that more than 2 million dogs in the USA and 1.5 million dogs in the UK usually get stolen every year and become a victim of horrible consequences. The most worrying fact is it is only 10% of stolen pets get the chance to reunite with their owners.

What is the main focus of the campaign?

The primary goal of the Pet Theft Awareness Day is to make you conscious about the dangers related with the missing or stolen pet and offering solutions to the dog owners how they can better reinforce the safety of their pets.

There are three basic reasons why thieves steal a pet-

  • To sell them at a better price to another buyer
  • Some animals are used as bait for dog fights
  • sold to labs for animal testing

How dogs get stolen & how you can prevent it-
It is always better to know the process how burglars steal your pet so that you can easily avoid putting your pet in that situation where it can become an easy pick for them.

Unattended dogs: It is the unattended dogs or the pets estranged from their parents that become the easy victim of the pet-thieves. With just a bait of a dog toy or some other delicious food, they can easily lure away your dog with them and you will not be able to find any trace of him. So it is advised by the pet grooming experts to never left your pet unattended especially in a public place.

Super-friendly dogs: Pets are cute, caring and friendly but sometimes these attributes go against them and the criminals take the full advantage of it. Super-friendly dogs are perhaps the most easy target for the thieves as they put little or no resistance while some unknown person takes them away. That’s why it is paramount to train your pup properly so that he can easily avoid this type of situation or at least give you some sort of hints or signals that someone is dealing differently with them.

Lonely dogs: Desolate, lonely and solitary dogs make it quite easier for the criminals to easily charm them and tempt them away. Dogs suffer from loneliness because of remaining detached from their owners for a long period of time in a daily basis. They cannot build a bonding with their owners and can be influenced by a stranger to with him/her. Animal behavioral experts always suggest to build up a solid bonding between you and your pet so that it will not part with you. Always try to make your dog happy and contented so that he will think twice before eloping with a stranger.

It is a heartbreaking experience for any pet owner to accept the pup they love like members of their family is stolen. Dog Theft Awareness Day is an event focuses on the measures you can take to prevent your pet being stolen or becoming a target.