Protect your Puppy this Winter with Proper Clothing – Apex Pet Gear


As winter has set in properly and the chances of mercury plunge below sub-zero increasing, special care should be taken to prevent your dog from getting sick. Although dogs come from a wild animal family and genetically capable of sustaining cold on their own, pet dogs lose most of their resistance power by growing up in a cozy environment and living most of the time indoors. Dogs have evolved as species and become increasingly dependent upon us.

Compared to a dog born and brought up in a wild, a pet dog is frail and delicate and require extra care and protection during the harsh winter months. The selective breeding of dogs and their excessive dependence on comfort dramatically weakened their immune system and they have become more susceptible to cold weather. The winter ailments can have a prolonged effect on their health and well-being. For facing frigid temperatures, pet owners need to take extra measures in protecting their dogs with proper clothing.

Here we are offering you full information about different types of dog winter wear:

Dog Jumper: Jumpers are ideal especially for the large breed dogs. They come in variety of colors and fabric. The online shops for puppy clothes also give you the option to personalized dog jumper. The best thing about jumpers is that they are water-resistant and ideal for taking your dog outside the home during rain or snowfall.

Sweaters: To keep your dogs warm inside the home, dog sweaters can be really useful. They come in different kinds of wool and offer great protection from the chill. Sweaters come in with neck and arm holes so that your cute puppy will not be able to remove it no matter how hard he tries. Many colors and styles of dog sweaters are available online and most of them come with leather elbow patches

Boots & Socks: If you want to take your puppy for a walk even in the snow-laden streets, dog boots and socks can come handy. Dog shoes come in high-quality rubber and even leather and offer supreme protection. They are designed in a way that your dog will face no difficulty while walking. They are comfortable cozy and warm.

Blankets: Sweaters and jumpers are good while your pup is active but during sleeping hours wearing them on may cause uneasiness. At night, specialized dog blankets may offer them warmth and comfort. Blankets come in different sizes you just need to buy them according to the length of your dog.

In order to remain warm, dogs need to wear coat and sweater. Initially it takes time to get your puppy accustomed with the dog apparels but once he gets used to it, taking care of him will become more easier for you.