Reasons & Possible Remedies for Preventing Lost Dog – Apex Pet Gear


For any pet owner, it is a nightmare when their favorite dog gets missing. It is something we fear the most to hear. According to the data published by the ASPCA, every year over ten million dogs and cats get missing or stolen in the USA. It signifies that one out of every three pets goes loss in every year and only ten percent are found. Despite your best effort, sometimes disaster can strike.

To prevent the lost of your pet, the very first thing you need to know is the various reasons responsible for this incident. 

Harsh treatment- You may think that, you are a good owner and you treat your dog with the utmost care. But are you sure that there is no one in your family who doesn’t misbehave with your dog. There are so many incidents noted where a pet gets the victim of harsh treatment by someone while the owner is away. It makes them scared and when the torture becomes unbearable, they deliberately escape from the house.

Lack of sporting activities- Dogs are very energetic animals who love sporting activities. If an owner keeps his/her canine confined in a house without offering much outdoor activity, there is a huge possibility that out of boredom, lack of activity and dullness the pet tries to seek fun outing outside the home. When he finds those fun activities somewhere else, he becomes reluctant to return to home.

Shifting to a new home- If you have recently shifted your home, there is a possibility that your pet may become confused about the direction of the home and gets missing. You need to keep in mind that although dogs possess strong sniffing power, they are quite bad in remembering directions. That’s why most number of dog missing incidents take place when it has been shifted to a new locality.

Sexual desire- There is very little an owner can do when his/her dog is in heat for having sex. This makes them impatient and they become desperate for having a mate to quench their sexual thirst. Your dog may skip the fence, jump gates, bolt through doors, dig under fences, and jump out of cars to mate and goes missing while chasing a partner. One thing you can do to prevent your pet from running away is to get them spayed or neutered.

Now you are aware of the problem, its time to offer you solutions to stop your pooch from missing.

Make full use of technology

Microchip Dog Collar or GPS Collar- Many dog owners turn to technology to protect their pets. Microchips are the fantastic options to find out your dog from getting lost. These tiny chips can be implanted in your pet’s body that can emit signals about its location. So in case you are encountering lost of your dog you can easily figure its location through it. And if you are reluctant about the implantation there is another way, you can find top-quality pet-collars enabled with microchips they are also known as GPS tracking collars. Your dog doesn’t have to undergo any painful surgery and you can easily track his location through it.

USB-Charged Glowing Dog Collar- Another convenient way of tracking the activities of your four-legged pet is to add a USB-Charged glowing dog collar in his wardrobe. They are really useful if you have the habit of taking your dog outdoors especially at night. In spite of getting separated from you, the LED lights on the collar can give you an idea about the location of your pet.

Take proper care of your pup- It is not only you, but all the members of your family should equally show their love, care, compassion and attention to the pet. Your dog should not feel lonely or neglected in your absence. A dog who receives love from everyone will not run away.

Better fencing- It is quite possible that although receiving enough attention and love from you and your family, sometimes dogs want to get bit adventurous. To this type of dogs often indulge in breakouts. It is advised to every dog owners to solidly erect wooden panel fencing or concrete fencing and seal up any potential escape point to avoid any breakouts.

From using pet collars to treating your dog in the most loving way, being a responsible dog owner, you must do every possible thing to remain attached with him.