Tricks to Follow to Make Your Dog Wear A Backpack – Apex Pet Gear


Backpack for your dog has become an important tool either for dog training reasons or for your dog in need of a job. Dog backpacks have become so essential that every dog owner should think of buying one and they come in different sizes with highly adjustable straps. The best thing about dog backpacks is that you can easily maintain the daily exercise challenge your dog requires.

The added weight of the kit will make the entire exercise to become tougher which is perfect for gaining high-level body strength, stamina, and endurance. Extra calories will be burnt and your dog can maintain ideal body weight. The added weight of the kit can offer mental challenge and turn the walk even more intense.

But it isn't quite as easy as just going to an online dog grooming shop and buying a dog backpack. There are so many things you need to keep in mind while shopping a backpack for your pup. Here's how to get started.
  • Always buy dog backpack according to the size of your puppy.
  • Only buy backpacks that are durable and made of water-resistant and breathable materials.
  • Closely look the padding of the backpack especially to the areas such as chest and back.
  • The backpack has to be comfortable without any sharp material used in it.
  • Try to be particular about the color of the kit. If you are willing to take your barker with you in a jungle or for hiking, a bright color backpack can prove really useful for locating him from distance.
  • Check the pockets of the backpack and make sure they are stitched properly.
It has been noted that dogs generally become a little hesitant for wearing it the first time. The awkward feeling is quite natural as canines don’t familiar with carrying anything on their back and it will become quite hard for the pet parents to make their dogs wear it. You need to have patience and praise your four-legged friend for wearing it.
  • According to the dog training experts, try to make it appear that it is not a big deal and turn the entire event as light as possible. 
  • Introduce your furry friend with it slowly and make him accustomed to it.
  • Make the exercise fun with a backpack by putting his favorite food in it.
  • Reward your canine for wearing it every time, he will feel excited about the reward and easily put it on.
  • You can keep his favorite toy in the backpack to engage his attention to it.
  • Provide your pup time to adjust to the new weight and develop the muscles to deal with the backpack.
  • Make it a routine to wear it so that he will not treat it as something totally alien.
A dog backpack not only gives your dog a job to do instead of chasing cats and rabbits while he is out with you for a stroll or hike, it also saves your energy from carrying a dog in a pet dog carrier. It will occupy him with a constructive task and help to maximize the time you do have with your dog.