Why Dog Poop Cleaning Should be Given Top Priority – Apex Pet Gear


If you have a pet in your house, it becomes essential to keep your it clean and sparkling as a house with a pet tends to go dirty quite often than a normal one.  Prevention of infection is just as crucial in any place, and in some situations, cleanliness at home is even more vital.

Although, cleaning pet waste is not an exciting topic to discuss for most of the dog owners, but still it is a serious issue that you simply can’t avoid as your health as well as the health of other members of your family depends on it. Here we are explaining in a comprehensive way why it is paramount to clean up pet droppings.

 Why Scoop Your Dog's Poop when it can be washed away naturally?

Harmful elements in dog poop-

Dog poop contains harmful bacteria of Zoonotic diseases that can transmit quite easily from animals to humans. The different types of Zoonotic diseases that we can get from contaminated dog feces include-

  • Campylobacter
  • Salmonella
  • Roundworms
  • Giardia
  • Parvovirus
  • Hookworms
  • Coccidia
  • Whipworms

If dog droppings are not cleaned on a regular basis, the parasites present in it may contaminate the water, soil, and can even cause infection in both pets and humans. In the view of the experts of dog training for puppies, dog excrement doesn't just wash away or disappear; you have to clean it manually with the help of a dog poop scooper.        

Pet waste is unsafe for your kids-

Kids, who always like to play with their pets, get severely affected by the adverse health-related issues caused by the bacteria, viruses and parasites found in the dog excrement. As their immune system is yet to develop, they become the easy victims of the harmful bacteria and they are always at the risk of catching an infection. Not only kids but also older people are quite vulnerable to the harmful effects of the dog poop.

Foul odor-

Perhaps the most dreadful event will be that you are in a hurry for your office or business and unknowingly stepping on dog feces. It will surely ruin your entire day as the horrible smell will continue to follow you in case you haven’t changed your shoe or taking bath. Moreover, the house or the corners of the garden might smell bad because of accumulation of dog wastes.

Dog poop is an environmental hazard -

The unique thing about dog feces is that unlike cow droppings it is not a fertilizer. It is toxic that may harm the biological structure of the soil of your lawn. So if you are satisfied thinking that your puppy is potty trained to do the dirty work in your lawn, then it’s time to give it a second thought as piling his droppings in your beautiful lawn may have a negative impact on the soil balance. It is important to dispose of it entirely somewhere else than let it accumulate it in your lawn.

Pup excrement allures other unwanted critters-

Flies, mosquitoes, rats and other unwanted critters that love to enjoy living in a dirty environment get attracted to your house because of dog waste. It is needless to remind you that along with them come various diseases and health issues. 

Whether you are disposing the dirty droppings of your dog by yourself or appoint someone else, the vital part is you have to do it. By cleaning dog waste every single way, you can easily prevent deadly ailments and soil contamination.