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1000m LCD Remote Control Dog Shock Training Collar

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Looking for a helper that can train your active pup? This dog shock collar will be the right training devices to manage your dog’s bad behaviors. People always like their dog to be gentle and soft, as less stubborn behavior as possible. With this dog shock collar, you may correct most of the unwanted behaviors on your dog accordingly through different mode and settings. This is especially helpful to comfort your neighbors from excessive barking or disturbing. Of course, by appropriate training, you can also avoid your pup from biting strangers when going out for a walk. Yet, your dog always run off in play, lose their way home? You will need this remotely dog shock collar to keep them safe while off leash, give commands when on a busy street.


  • 4 modes to correct behaviours accordingly. Static shock, vibration, beep and torch light mode to provide you varying level of training on your pup.
  • Remote within 1000m distance. Able to work effectively even though you’re away from your dog, keep him safe when giving them freedom.


  • Remote Transmitter
  • Receiver and Adjustable Nylon Collar
  • Charger USB Collar
  • Testing Bulb
  • Tester LED
  • Contact Points x4
  • Charging Cable
  • Prongs
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
1000M Remote Control Dog Trainer



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