Automatic Water Dispenser - Pet Water Bowl

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As a pet parent, you're always on the lookout for pet supplies which help you provide great dog care and cat care as well as lighten your load. This Automatic Water Dispenser has the dog water bowl or cat water bowl, a water fountain and a water filtration system so it even helps take away some stress so you know you are doing your best to keep your pet hydrated and healthy.

It has a large 3 L capacity and windows for viewing water levels. You can enjoy relaxing and watching a movie without being annoyed by the automatic water bowl because the pump is silent.

Give your pet the best quality water possible. Just as quality food matters, quality water is important too! This product has a quadruple filtration system so your pet is receiving the best water you can provide.

The intelligent mode provides three selections so you can decide if your pet loves a constant fountain of water, intermittent or random flowing fountain of water. 


  • Automatic Shut Off with low water levels
  • Water level viewing windows
  • 3 Intelligent Mode Choices for water efficiency management
  • Large capacity

Dimensions, Specifications and Details

  • 4.17" tall  x  9.84" wide
  • Holds over 12 cups of water, nearly 1 gallon



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