Cute Casual Anti-Slip Pet Dog Sandals Shoes


Why dogs need to wear shoes? To keep the litter paws and the house clean! These Dog shoes protect your pet from being burned when walking on hot pavement, on deck or hot summer beach.

This set of 4pcs pet dog boots keep paws dry, clean and safe; its Adjustable Velcro straps keep them snug and secure.

Its Non-slip rubber bottom makes the pet safer when walking or running. It can protect your pet by keeping the glass slag, rusty nails, and other sharp goods away from your dog and also prevent your dog from scratching the wooden furniture and flooring.

When the weather is hot, and the ground temperature is too high, it may hurt the dog's feets' sweat glands system therefore our cute anti-slip pet dog sandals are the perfect solution.


  • Deluxe anti-slip sole.
  • Adjustable velcro straps keep them snug and secure
  • A nonslip rubber bottom makes pet safer when walking or running.
  • The upper is made of breathable mesh material, so the shoes are soft, comfortable, skin friendly and cost-effective
  • Elastic bands and straps to adjust the tightness easily.


  • Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink
 Size Outside Width Outside Length Inside Width Inside Length Weight
1 3.5cm 4.5cm 2.3cm 2.9cm 40g
2 4cm 5cm 2.7cm 3.5cm 50g
3 4.5cm 5.5cm 3.1cm 4cm 60g
4 5cm 6cm 3.5cm 4.5cm 70g
5 5.5cm 6.5cm 4cm 5cm 70g

      Tips for measurement of dog's paw size and usage

      • First put your dog's FRONT paw on a paper, drawing a circle around the paw, then, measure the width and length of the circle , and last add 1CM for both width and length.(If your dog's is a long hair breed or a adult dog, add a little more.)
      • Mark the length and width of his paw on a piece of paper. Place a sheet of paper on a hard surface that your dog can stand on. Only the paw you are measuring needs to be on the paper. When a dog puts pressure on a paw, the paw will splay so ensure that he is putting weight on the paw you are measuring. If you measure a paw that is not splayed, the shoes will be too small.
      • You can do this by gently holding the opposite paw in your hand, so all the dog's weight is on the paw you are measuring.
      • Mark each side at widest point, and front and back. Don't forget to include the toenails.
      • If it's the first time your dog wearing shoes, you must pay close attention to observe the dog's behavior. If your dog does not know how to walk, you have to lead and train them not to bite the shoes.

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