Colorful Bell Dog Chew Toy

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Do you have a headache when your dog damages the furniture when you are absent at home? Then why not give your pet a playmate???

This specially designed colorful bell ball toy could be an ideal choice for you. Bright colors and built-in copper bell enhances a great playing atmosphere. Your pet will play fun with itself even if you work outside.The colorful bell chewing ball makes a clear ringing sound when it is rolling or shaken; this excites your dog and creates a lively atmosphere.

This colorful dog toy ball is made of natural soft rubber which is non-toxic and harmless to your pet with a Variety of bright colors to easily attract your dog’s attention and interest. What’s more, it helps clean their teeth, and exercise thereby training your pet dogs to become, livelier, smarter and agile.


  • Environmentally Friendly Material:
  • Multi-Colors
  • Built-in Copper Bell
  • Keep Fit


  • Size: (diameter)  L - 10 cm   M - 7.5 cm  S - 6 cm.
  • Material: rubber.

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