Dog Hair Double-sided Grooming Metal Comb Brush


Keeping your dog's coat beautiful and healthy and keeping your upholstery & carpet free from their hair at the same time seems to be impossible?  Well... We got the solution for you! The Double Sided Dog Grooming Brush Hair Remover will easily get Professional grooming results and get rid of rid of excessive dog hair without the mess of having hair all around you!

The owners of cats and dogs often face the problem of hair flying around the house. When the animal sheds their hair, the hair appears: on sofas, carpets, clothing and even the nose of the owners.

Our comb is ideal for medium to long hair for your cat or dog. This metal comb is easy to cope with the unwanted fur of the animal. Combing with the help of our product for your pet, will massage the skin and enrich the hair follicles which helps blood circulation and improves the appearance of the coat.

The pet brush distributes natural grease, after which the fur of the animal is smooth and shiny. This unique comb due to the massage effect improves blood circulation and reduces the amount of shedding by up to 90% of any pet.

The secret of this dog comb is in the head with unique teeth, beginning with its straight teeth for combing the rails and ending with curved teeth to remove the coils.

Combing can be carried out in the direction of the hair growth of your pet. Gently move brush and do not press too hard. Particular caution should be exercised with the most sensitive parts of the body (legs, head, and stomach).

A brush that does not break or lose its wonderful properties, it will last for many years for your pet. It removes dead skin undercoat without damaging or cutting off of the guard hairs. Due to the special structure of teeth, this slicker brush penetrates deep into the hair without damaging the skin and brushes the undercoat.

The metal dog comb has bristles that do not irritate the pet's skin. Inside of the bristles is sharp, but it does not hurt your pet when you comb it

Now it’s your turn to start enjoying professional grooming results at the comfort of your own home without the furry mess with the pet grooming tool. Just have the best moments with your fluffy friend and enjoy your clean house!

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  • Multi-functional dog grooming brush
  • Keeps your house clean always
  • Comb for long haired cat and dog
  • Safe, gentle, effective and comfortable
  • Great for:Combing pet dogs/cats with thick fine hair
  • Eco-friendly material to environment and pet
  • Recommended by professionals


  • Material:Stainless Steel                              
  • Color:Pink Blue                                      
  • Size:S L
  • Type:Pet combs                          
  • Feature:Eco-Friendly                           
  • Usage:Grooming           
  •  Weight:150g                                                





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