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Drinking Pet Water Fountain Hanging Feeder Bottle

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Feed water to your pet effortlessly with this hanging feeder bottle,  a handy pet drinking water bottle made of PP plastic featuring 2 top clips for securely hanging on a cage, you can change its direction by turning the top lid 360°, and it can be fixed in any place you choose.

Healthy & harmless for your pets to effectively avoid insect, dust, and pollution of drinking water, the nozzle of the bottle is designed with ball-point tube built-in spring, which allows pets drink water conveniently by themselves.

Very easy to hang on/off, this dog feeder can be used in a cage, and when going out, it can be hanged on a protruding board or any place convenient for you.

Automatically feeds clean water to your pet, it is perfect for a puppy, small-sized dog, bunny, cat, guinea pig, ferret, hamster, etc.  and has a wide bottom opening for easy cleaning and refilling.

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  • Ball-point tube design
  • Perfect for small animals
  • Holds securely on a cage
  • Easy to fill and clean

 Usage instructions

  1. Open the lid above the bottle before use and Pour clean water into the bottle
  2. You can easily hang and rotate the way you want it fixed in the cage.
  3. Adjust the place and height of water feeder for your pet.

NOTE: Please pour warm water and never directly with boiling water


  • 400ml
  • Material: PET + Steel ball
  • Weight: 85g

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