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Felt Pet Shark House

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Looking for a comfortable home for your pet? Our Cute shark shape pet house is perfect for dog puppy and cats.

The Felt pet Cave is a natural woolen pet bed that is designed to meet and exceed the needs of your pets while providing a stunning accent for your home. Crafted from all-natural materials and sustainably manufactured, the felted pet shark cave is responsibly sourced and is engineered with both cats and dogs in mind.

Made of new recyclable eco-friendly materials---Non-woven Felt Cloth, washable and colorfast. With removable pet bed mat in it, it’s warm and soft, suitable for all the year round.

Warm, cozy and durable cat bed for your lovely cat, the unique shark shape pet bed is a decoration for your home; Pets can sleep, nap, rest, relax and play on the bed.

This Pet bed is convenient, When not placed also can be folded, does not occupy a space, it is more convenient to use.

Lovable Shark design with big mouth open, a ball toy hanging over the mouth, your pet will love it.


  • All wool felted fabric with shark shape, fashionable and unique.
  • Lovable modern Shark design with big mouth open
  • Above the cat bed has a steel wire which hangs a fluffy ball.
  • Pets can play and sleep on the bed
  • Both sides of the shark  mouth has steel wire, to ensure the pet bed doesn’t go out of shape easily
  • The felt is durable and waterproof.
  • The felt is fine, abrasion resistant and easy to clean.
  • The material is safe and non-toxic
  • The felt is good for warmth and gives the pet a warm nest.


  • Shark
  • Suitable for about 8 pounds pets.
  • Material: Nonwoven felt.
  • Washable, Colourfast.
  • Weight: 300 g



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