Dog Frisbee Flying Disc

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Looking for the Perfect Flying Disc for Fetching Games? Our dog Frisbee flying disc is a high flying frisbee disc toy for high-further-flying-fun. It can be easily thrown out and be caught; even inexperienced players can throw up a smooth and steady route to have a fun time with dogs.



This dog flying disc is not only great on the land but also floatable and waterproof, can be played in the swimming pool, water, river or lake. An excellent outdoor interactive dog toy for you and your dog to play with under any condition.

With this dog flying disc, your lovely dog will have much more fun instead of chewing furniture/shoes, a better choice to kill the dull times for your dog, do more exercises and keep dog or pets healthy and stronger.

It is made of high quality Indestructible and High Standard Eco-friendly Safe Material and non-toxic. It is gentle on a dog’s mouth and dog owner’s hands, but also super strong and durable.

Soft bite floppy discs are a doggie's dream come true. Get this dog Frisbee disc to play in your yard or park with your best friend!


  • Extremely durable
  • Indestructible and high standard eco-friendly safe materials
  • The perfect flying disc for games of toss and fetch.
  • Excellent training tool for your dog
  • Durable fabric and rubber tubing
  • Safe, gentle and non-toxic,
  • Washable
  • You may use this flying disc as water bowls for your pet when you’re at outdoor. It helps to keep your pet hydrated when outing.


  • Colors: Orange, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple
  • Sizes:L: 22cm, M: 17.5cm, S: 15cm


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