Insect repellent dog/cat collar

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There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering Pet fleas, bugs, ticks, and other pests on your pets. These insects move from all parts of the body toward the head region making your loved ones uncomfortable and unhealthy.

With our insect repellent collar for dogs, you can say goodbye to these pests. The collar is worn around the neck of your dogs and will stop these nasty pests before they get to the head. It also provides rapid and long lasting protection for the entire body of your pet.

Made of non-toxic chemicals and organic materials and a sweet fruit aroma, this water resistant insect repellent dog collar is safe for dogs and even your children so no matter the size of your dogs and puppies, our insect repellent collar is a pest prevention they will enjoy.


  • Organic and non-toxic Material
  • Effective and water resistant
  • Comes with a sweet aroma
  • Lasts For 3 Months
  • Suitable for pets older than 3 months
  • Waterproof and flea & tick resisting


  • Size: 40/60*1.1cm

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