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Oxhide Dog Leash

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Many pet lovers struggle with dog leashes that cause friction burns, making it even harder to keep control of their pet while on the move. But with our high quality padded handle, the difference in comfort and safety is evident. With solid fittings and a Comfortable handle, you can finally focus on enjoying your walks.

Made from a braided 100% oxhide rope that good looks everywhere you go, this dog leash is so flexible, incredibly durable and reliable. In fact, it’s recommended by trainers because It's strong strength is good for larger dogs, so it works just as good as it looks!

Spoil your pet with a top quality oxhide leash that doesn’t fray!


  • Super sturdy dog leash
  • 100% oxhide material
  • Remarkably comfortable leash
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Superior to standard nylon leashes



Material Long Weight Width
XXS Copper hook 1.5m  100g 1.2cm

Iron hook

1.5m 120g 1.2cm
XS Copper hook 2m 130g 1.2cm
XS Iron hook 2m 150g 1.2cm
S Copper hook 2.5m 160g 1.2cm
S Iron hook 2.5m 180g 1.2cm
M Copper hook 3m 200g 1.2cm
M Iron hook 3m 220g 1.2cm
L Copper hook 1.5m 140g 1.8cm
L Iron hook 1.5m 160g 1.8cm
XL Copper hook 2m 175g 1.8cm
XL Iron hook 2m 195g 1.8cm
XXL Copper hook 2.5m 215g 1.8cm
XXL Iron hook 2.5m 235g 1.8cm
XXXL Copper hook 3m 270g 1.8cm
XXXL Iron hook 3m 290g 1.8cm




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