Pet Litter Mat for Cats, Dogs, and Rabbits

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Say Goodbye To Messy Homes With This Pet Litter Mat! No More Scattered Litter!

Pet owners agree over the frustration of always cleaning the litter scatter around the house, not to mention the smell and discomfort of stepping on it. This Pet Litter Mat will capture any litter leaving your house clean and smell free.

Makes a great "placemat" for your pets too! If your dog or cat is a messy eater, place one of these mats under their food or water bowl to catch spills, make cleanup easier, and prevent damage to wood floors. These mats are nonporous and will hold onto water without letting it soak through

This quality material is durable and will easily withstand scratching and clawing. The non-slip bottom is made to grip for increased stability and is suitable for other animals that make a mess too.

Cleaning the litter mat is easy as pie! Simply shake any excess litter trapped on the mat back in the litter box or in the bin for disposal.


  • Durable material does not rip or tear.
  • Soft, delicate material for your pet’s feet.
  • Protects your floors from scattered pet litter.
  • Stylish designs to choose from
Size Lenght Width Weight
fish-S 50cm 40cm 0.1kg
 fish-M 60cm 50cm 0.15kg
fish-L 75cm 60cm 0.25kg
crab-S 51cm 40cm 0.13kg
crab-M 60.5cm 50.5cm 0.19kg
crab-L 70.5cm 60cm 0.26kg

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