Professional Pet Rechargeable Hair Trimmer

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This premium pet grooming hair trimmer is an ergonomic, powerful and easy to use pet grooming tool. This professional Rechargeable hair trimmer is recommended by trainers, veterinarians and is suitable for small, medium, large dogs, and cats.

 This clipper is far superior to other clippers and light in weight which makes the clipper suitable to use with its slip-resistant coating. The professional pet clipper has a rechargeable 2000 mA Li-lion battery inside; it can be used for 5 hours with a full charging.

This clipper has far less vibrations and noise than other models which help your pets feel at ease without getting fearful, thus makes grooming much easier. This pet hair trimmer will make your pets feel comfortable, relax and enjoy their grooming time.

 It takes you less time to groom your pet as this cutting tool cuts very efficiently and doesn’t clog up. The hair falls freely from the clipper and allows you to focus on cutting hair instead of continuously removing hair from the cutting trimmer. It's suitable for both long and short hair for dogs, cats, horses and many other animals with hair. Have an easier grooming session with our premium pet hair trimmer.


  • Suitable For All Pets
  • Powerful Corded Clippers
  • Low Noise Low vibration Grooming Tool
  • Gentle on pet
  • Sharper and durable blade


  • Blade: Black Ceramic & Titanium Steel
  • Support charge when using
  • Voltage:110-240V                                                                       
  • Charging Time:4 Hour
  • Using time:Up to 5 hours                                                                    
  • Motor:8200 RPM
  • Blade:Ceramic + Titanium                
  • Charge Adapter: input 110-240V, Universal voltage
  • Shaving Comb: 3/6/9/12mm                                      
  • length of the charger wire: 175cm

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