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Stretch Running Dog Leash


Go hands-free when walking or running with your dog! Our stretch dog leash can let your free your hand easily for other tasks; No longer will you have the tedious task of holding a rope for those long walks with your dog! Dog walking hands-free may help to lessen shoulder strain and back discomfort compared to using standard leashes. Perfect as a dog leash for runners or improved comfort and enjoyment when walking with your dog

Its dual bungee helps to absorb shock, reducing the feeling of being 'pulled' even when used with lively and powerful dogs – providing adequate room for running with your dog. The reflective stitching increases visibility, providing safety when hiking with your dog early in the morning or late at night

The spring retractable dog leash belt is easily adjustable so it can be customized to suit you. It also has handles which can help to increase control over your dog when needed and makes it possible to use it as a standard hand-held dog leash when desired. Simply remove the leash from the waist belt and use it as a regular dog leash whenever you like.

Made of Elastic, Dacron material, it stands up to the most energetic pooches and more durable than other hands-free leashes. Get this Hands Free Dog Leash with an elastic belt leash to keep the morning walk fun. It will help you prevent injuries, back discomfort and give you extra peace of mind.


  • Material: Dacron, Elastic.
  • Reflective Stitching For Safe Night Strolls
  • Sturdy Design That Extends & Absorbs
  • Better Control with Dual Built-In Handles
  • Waist Wearing For Added Mobility
  • Durable & Built to last


  • 236 g


  •   Girdle:   Breadth: 2.5 cm,  Adjustable: 78~120 cm    
  •   Leash:   Breadth: 2.5 cm,  Long: 115~155 cm


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