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Tuxedo Vest Harness Adjustable Dog Leash Rope

$9.90 $39.60

Now enjoy a pleasant outdoor walking experience! Harnesses are more comfy for dogs than a leash being tied to the neck collar. This dog Vest harness eliminates pressure from your dog's neck preventing possible neck, spine, and windpipe injuries.

Made of highly durable material, this vest dog harness is perfectly designed for easy walking, running, jogging,  hiking or even training

The adjustable buckle closures allow for a comfortable custom-fit for your pet while giving you more control than a traditional collar.

With two buttons on the exterior and a bowtie, this bow tie tuxedo harness is chest size adjustable. There is a size adjustable belt on the back of the harness, which you can use to adjust the chest size giving a gentle look to this dog tuxedo harness.

With a strong pull back handle, it allows you to stop your dog from chasing that squirrel in the park, it is easy to use even for car rides by slipping the seat belt through the handle.

Get this Gentleman Style Dog Harness, Great for birthday, wedding, and parties or any other special occasion.


  • New and high-quality fabric
  • Fashionable, cute and lovely.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Harness made from a soft and breathable mesh.
  • Adjustable, good safety training harness for walking your pet.
  • Feels very soft, smooth, comfortable, thick and warm.
  • They are breathable to keep your pet comfortable throughout their walk.