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USB Charging LED Glow Dog Collar


It is important to always keep your dog safe, especially when you take a walk in the evening. Our USB charging LED glow dog collar can offer high level safety for your dogs! Due to its bright glow, drivers can see your dog easily at night and this may prevent an accident to happen. The collar can also help you find your dog easier and quicker if he walks away from you. Furthermore, it glows and flashes in darkness and makes your dog look very fashionable and stand out among all other dogs in the park!

The collar is made of wear resisting rubber; it is very soft and your dog will feel comfortable wearing it. The LED flashing tube can be set to 3 modes: fast flashing, slow flashing, and steady light.

You can adjust the tube length by simply cutting it to fit your dog’s neck size. No batteries needed! The collar is rechargeable by connecting to any device with a USB port. It is also waterproof! 


  • USB rechargeable
  • Size adjustable
  • 3 modes of flashing: slow, fast, steady
  • Color options: pink, red, orange, yellow, blue


  • Material: rubber materials
  • Diameter1.5cm
  • Length: 50cm
  • Weight: 70g


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