Yellow Squawkin' Rubber Chicken

$9.99 $12.90

Keep your dog fully entertained with this yellow squawkin’ rubber chicken! It’s the perfect chew toy for your playful friend. It creates squeaking sound that most of the dogs love it!


  • Safe and elastic TPR rubber. Made of highly elastic and ultra-durable material for tough chew by dogs. Safe enough as this type of rubber avoids vulcanization.
  • Unique surface design. Rough surface features cleaning and protecting your furry friend’s oral cavity even when they are playing. It also helps to prevent dental calculus on dogs.
  • Using double-layered technology to double the toy’s durability, making it lasting longer. Squeaking sound created from the inner layer of the toy helps to hold active dogs’ attention. Your dog will enjoy playing with it for hours.


  • S: 5cm x 17cm
  • M: 6.8cm x 31cm
  • L: 8.9cm x 40cm


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